Making a Fashion Foundation into a Fashion Future

Applying for a BA course - The course is aimed at helping you to establish an understanding of the standard of work that will be needed in order for you to get your portfolio to a level that will be good enough for you to apply for a BA course. In a highly competitive world, this is vital. Download a PDF about the course.

Becoming a Design Professional

Applying for a MA course - If you want to ignite your flare for fashion design, this course does just that. It’s especially designed to prepare you to apply for the most sought after MA courses around. Ideally you will already have a strong BA degree or even come directly from the fashion industry to study further, in order to define your own niche. Download a PDF about the course

From Concept to Collection

Applying for an industry course - The industry seminars will concentrate on global trend tracking and fashion marketing, identifying what effects design and fashion around the world.